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HOW MUCH TIME DO I NEED? You should allow about 3 to 3 1/2 hours from start to finish: This would include: • 5 - 10 minutes for registration • 10 minute safety briefing and video • 5-10 minutes for fitting and donning of safety gear • 10 minutes of “ground school” and practice • 2 to 2 1/2 hrs on the course itself. • 5 minutes for equipment removal and return

WHAT DO I WEAR? • Comfortable flat soled, closed toe shoes (sneakers etc. ) No sandals, clogs, flip-flops, heels etc. • No loose or excessive jewelry • No skirts • Shorts should be about mid-thigh or longer. • No excessively baggy clothing. (Remember this is a “challenge” course. Many obstacles require a good deal of physical agility. Loose clothing can snag on some of the elements). • No personal climbing gear. (The gear that we provide is made specifically for the size and types of safety cables that are used on the course) • Wear something casual that you’re not worried about getting a little dirty. (You’re in the elements; things in nature can get wet, and can get dry and dusty.)

CAN I DO THIS ALONE? Unfortunately not. Our Ropes Course is designed and built as an exciting team activity, so we require groups of 2, 3 or 4. You will use a "buddy system" on the course for safety (zip line tickets can be sold individually though). Ropes courses are a WONDERFUL activity for families, spouses, friends, siblings and co-workers!! However, we realize that some of you may be travelling alone or may not have a qualified partner available in your group. In those cases, when can sometimes provide a trained staff person to accompany you on the course. An advanced reservation is required and some restrictions apply. Please call or email for more information.

IS IT SAFE? Monkey C Monkey Do was built by a certified challenge course and zip line builder with nearly 20 years of experience and meets or exceeds ALL A.C.C.T. , ASTM, and OSHA specifications. The poles used are specifically imported and treated for this purpose and surpass the ratings of typical telephone poles in strength and classification. The poles are then “guyed” to anchors drilled into the ground with ratings of 12,000 lbs each. The safety equipment and components for EACH participant are specifically designed for this use and are rated for well over 2 TONS a piece. So, unless you weigh more than your great grandfathers Cadillac, you are NOT going to break it. Furthermore, every piece of equipment and the entire course is inspected daily, and the entire course is inspected and certified by a nationally licensed inspector on a yearly basis.

ARE THERE HEIGHT AND WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS? Some. To make sure that guests stop in a safe spot, you should weigh between 45 and 250 pounds to ride the ziplines. External conditions such as temperature, humidity, and wind can change the dynamics of the zip line cables on a daily basis. For that reason, weight restrictions are monitored and adjusted continually based on current conditions. If you or someone in your party is near the weight guidelines, it's best to call ahead. Also, we have found that guests under the age of about 10 are often not tall enough to make their own transfers safely, so typically those guests will need an adult or a staff member to accompany them through the course. One adult may accompany as many as 3 children.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS ? Monkey C Monkey Do operates rain or shine, however, we will close in the event of severe weather, such as high winds, driving rain or thunder and/or lightning storms. We continuously track weather systems for the safety and enjoyment of our guests and operate accordingly. If you are unsure we will be open, please give us a call, or check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyC.MonkeyDo.Maine... we constantly post updates in instances of inclement weather to alert you of our status.

 CLICK HERE for   SAFETY RULES and WAIVER Information.